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Have you been involved in an accident or need to file a claim?  Please call us or fill out the claim form to the right.  

Please be sure to call 911 if this is an emergency.  

Some things to remember after an accident…

  • Move to safety but do not leave the scene of the accident

  • Notify the police and call for medical attention immediately

  • Collect information for a full report,  ask for things like name, phone numbers, license number, as well as passenger and witness names

  • Note the location and vehicle types of cars involved

  • You may get an estimate from an auto body shop of your choice but do not begin any work until the insurance company has had an opportunity to inspect the vehicle

  • Click here for “After an Accident- Printable Form” you can take with you and fill out if an accident occurs.


Please note: Northbrook Insurance Associates markets mainly in Wisconsin.  You may have the wrong Northbrook if you are looking for a national carrier.   Any claims Northbrook Insurance needs to handle can be submitted online or over the phone.  Click here for more contact information.  

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