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Managing Green Construction Risks

construction standards

Managing Green Construction Risks Energy costs continue to rise and building standards are becoming more environmentally demanding.  It is not uncommon for construction projects to specify sustainable building practices or “green” building principles.  Capitalizing on the trend of green construction can quickly turn your profit margin to red if you don’t have a clear understanding of … More

Commercial Motor Vehicle Driving Tips

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CMV Driving Tips: Driving too Fast for Conditions Even the most well-trained, safety-conscious commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver is at risk of engaging in driving behaviors that could lead to a crash on today’s crowded highways.  Failing to look / not seeing other vehicles, impaired performance due to fatigue, inattention or daydreaming or any unexpected … More

Preventing Motorcycle Theft

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Prevent Motorcycle Theft Motorcycle theft is on a trending decline over the past 7 years, however over 45 thousand bikes are still reported stolen annually.  Only about 25-30% of motorcycles reported stolen are recovered due to the easy of re-purposing and altering of cycle parts.  (According to the NICB) Motorcycles are easily accessible and highly … More

Chicken Manicotti Recipe

Category: Our BlogStaff Recipes

Northbrook Staff Recipe: Chicken Manicotti Looking for a new family dinner option for any night of the week that everyone is going to love?  Try out our new staff pick; the Chicken Manicotti Recipe.  

Click It or Ticket

Click It or Ticket Campaign Northbrook Insurance is joining hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin for the annual Click It or Ticket safety belt enforcement campaign form May 22 to June 4, 2017.   Both passengers and driver should be aware that wearing a seat belt is the single most important step you can … More

Kids and Mobile Phones

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Kids and Mobile Phones Deciding when your child is ready for the added responsibility of a mobile phone can be difficult.  Important things to consider are: your child’s age, maturity level and personality.  What are your family’s circumstances; is there a need for this or just a desire they have been pushing?  Are you ready … More

Green Construction Standards


What you need to Know about Going Green You may have thought about incorporating green components into upcoming renovations or new construction projects, as green building is a growing trend.  Many property owners are joining the green movement as a way to lower energy costs and make their buildings more attractive to potential tenants.  In … More

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Bar Recipe

Category: Our BlogStaff Recipes

Our new Staff Favorite Recipe this month, No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Bars!  These will quickly become a party favorite with any crowd. This quick 25 minute recipe will become a go-to staple of family gatherings and friend parties.  Even just a quick dinner dessert for a special night, you won’t be disappointed.

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Advice to Parents: Keeping Kids Safe Online

Keeping Kids Safe Online Let’s face it – kids use technology for everything!  Without the internet they would be lost.  Whether they are using social networking, playing online games or just surfing the web; limits and rules need to be set.  Kids need to understand the risk of sharing too much information and how to … More

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Using Technology at Night

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technology at night

Using Technology at Night As a parent in today’s digital world, you are faced with many new obstacles.  Teaching online responsibility, deciding when a child is old enough for new technology and responsibilities can be overwhelming.  Not only do you need to worry about what your child is doing on their devices, you need to … More

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